Changing skills for architecture students employability: Analysis of job market versus architecture education in Egypt

Laila Mohamed Khodeir; Ashraf Ali Nessim, Ain Shams University

Architectural Education methods are facing challenges named “21st Century Competencies” which affect the employability of fresh graduates. Accordingly, several higher educational institutions are ...

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Achieving Employability as We Age: The Role of Age and Achievement Goal Orientations on Learning and Employability

Dominik E. Froehlich; Sandra Aasma; Simon Beausaert, University of Vienna; Kuehne; Maastricht University

The aging workforce challenges companies to keep their aging employees employable in the workforce. This paper gives an indication as to which employees are more likely to be interested in further lea...

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Graduate Employability and Competence Development in Higher Education—A Systematic Literature Review Using PRISMA

Marta Abelha; Sandra Fernandes; Diana Mesquita; Filipa Seabra; Ana Teresa Ferreira-Oliveira, University of Coimbra; Portucalense University; University of Minho; Open University (UAb); Instituto Politécnico de Viana do Castelo

This paper aims to develop a systematic review on graduate employability and competence development, intending to present an international perspective on the matter. It analyses the role of higher edu...

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A Multi-Criteria Study of Decision-Making Proficiency in Student’s Employability for Multidisciplinary Curriculums

Yueh-Min Huang; Ming Yuan Hsieh; Muhammet Usak, National Cheng Kung University; National Taichung University of Education; Kazan Federal University

To effectively increase the employment rate of higher education graduates, higher education institutions are doing their best to provide the most high-quality technologized interdisciplinary curriculu...

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Incorporation of the Intangibles into the Spanish Start-Ups by Activity Sector and Region. Improving Their Economic Sustainability

María Dolores García-Gallo; Félix Jiménez-Naharro; Miguel Torres-García; Susan L. Giesecke; José Guadix-Martín, University of Seville; UC Berkeley

Nowadays, start-ups, assuming increasing importance, have the possibility to include intangible knowledge as another resource on which they can carry out planning exercises, impact studies, evaluation...

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Promoting Employability in Higher Education: A Case Study on Boosting Entrepreneurship Skills

Cristina Pardo-Garcia; Maja Barac, Universitat de València

How can higher education increase the employability of university students? We present a case study on an innovative training itinerary aimed to promote the participation of teaching staff to stimulat...

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Italian Adaption of Self-Perceived Employability Scale: Psychometric Properties and Relations with the Career Adaptability and Well-Being

Ernesto Lodi; Andrea Zammitti; Paola Magnano; Patrizia Patrizi; Giuseppe Santisi, University of Sassari; Kore University

The recent transformation of the workplaces and labor market, characterized by rapid technological changes, social and economic instability, has greatly influenced the construction of people’s caree...

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A Multilevel Person-Centered Examination of Teachers’ Workplace Demands and Resources: Links With Work-Related Well-Being

Rebecca J. Collie; Lars-Erik Malmberg; Andrew J. Martin; Pamela Sammons; Alexandre J. S. Morin, University of Oxford

Teachers’ healthy and effective functioning at work is impacted by the demands they face and the resources they can access. In this study, person-centered analysis was adopted to identify distinct t...

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Exploring the effect of employability and job characteristics on contextual performance: Mediating by organizational commitment

Rita Aryani; Widodo Widodo, Pancasakti College of Teachers Training and Education; Indraprasta University

The objective of this research was to explore the direct effect of employability and job characteristics on contextual performance of vocational high school principals mediating by organi-zational com...

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Towards Sustainability in University Education. Improving University Graduates Chances of Employability by Participation in a High Achievement Academic Program

Ismael Moya Clemente; Gabriela Ribes Giner; Gisela Sanahuja Vélez, Universitat Politècnica de València

This piece of research focusses on the sustainable development goal (SDG) number four of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: quality education. The main objective of this research was to dete...

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Preparing students for the global workforce: Chinese and non-Chinese working professionals on key employability skills

Yi Zhou, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

In this study, 79 Chinese and non-Chinese working professionals responded to an employability-skills survey. They were asked to identify key language and intercultural proficiencies that would allow n...

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Assessing Learners’ Perceptions of Graduate Employability

Gokul Thirunavukarasu; Siva Chandrasekaran; Varsha Subhash Betageri; John Long, Swinburne University of Technology; Deakin University

The rapid advancement of technology, including the internet of things (IoT), industry 4.0, and smart cities, revealed an excess need for career-ready graduates. It is expected that a career-ready grad...

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