Empowering Engineering Students through Employability Skills

Urvashi Kaushal , Sardar Vallabhai National Institute of Technology

A professional course like engineering strives to get maximum number of its students placed through campus interviews. While communication skills have been added in all the engineering courses with th...

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Addressing employability challenges: a framework for improving the employability of graduates in Botswana

Mpho M. Pheko; Kaelo Molefhe, University of Botswana

While Botswana has long invested in education, high unemployment rates among the youth, females and university graduates remain a critical challenge for the country. Despite this challenge, research o...

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Enhancing graduate employability and the need for university-enterprise collaboration

Thi Tuyet Tran, German Federal Employment Agency

Over the last few decades there has been strong debate over the central mission of higher education and resistance to the employability agenda seemed strong. However, with the changing context of both...

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Complexity in coaching: A self-study of roles and relationships

Marcus Artigliere; Laura Baecher, Columbia University; City University of New York

Teacher development, whether in pre-service teacher education or in in-service coaching, is a complex and context-dependent enterprise. As schools recognise the need to provide embedded and extended p...

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Should students have to borrow?

Christopher Martin, University of British Columbia

Since autumn 2012, higher education institutions in England have been able to charge undergraduate students up to £9,000 a year in tuition fees. Full‐time students are expected to take out loans la...

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The Strength of Weak Ties in MBA Job Search: A Within–Person Test

Jason Greenberg; Roberto M. Fernandez, New York University; Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Whether and how social ties create value has inspired substantial research in organizational theory, sociology, and economics. Scholars generally believe that social ties impact labor market outcomes....

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International Student Expectations: Career Opportunities and Employability

Per A. Nilsson; Nannette Ripmeester, Umeå University; Expertise in Labour Mobility

Are mobile students expecting an international experience to have an impact on their career? This was one of the questions in a global survey, with over 150,000 respondents. The survey results showed ...

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The higher education space: connecting degree programs from individuals’ choices

Cristian Candia; Sara Encarnação; Flávio L. Pinheiro, Kellogg School of Management; Universidade Nova de Lisboa

The relevance of knowledge as an input in the productive process has increased the complexity of the process of hiring in the market of qualified work. As a consequence, a process of reflection on the...

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