The effect of curriculum design on the employability competency of Malaysian graduates

Farahana Misni; Nik Hasnaa Nik Mahmood; Rossilah Jamil, Razak Faculty of Technology and Informatics

For a country to support the transition of all economic sectors to a knowledge-driven one, attract foreign investment, and drive labor productivity, it is necessary to have access to skilled workforce...

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Employers’ views on importance of english proficiency and communication skill for employability in Malaysia

Su-Hie Ting; Ernisa Marzuki; Kee-Man Chuah; Jecky Misieng; Collin Jerome, University Malaysia Sarawak

Employability of graduates is a concern in many countries, including Malaysia, and the high unemployment rate among graduates is often attributed to their lack of English proficiency and communication...

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International Employability: Stakeholder attitudes at an international university in Malaysia

Lucy Bailey; Gudrun Ingimundardottir, University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus

This paper critically examines conceptions of international employability. Drawing on a study of stakeholder views on the employability curriculum at the Malaysia campus of a British university, the p...

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