Equipping Our Undergraduates With Essential Generic Skills For Future Competitiveness: Why, What, When, and How?

LAM Siew Hong; Alex IP Yuen Kwong, National University of Singapore

Generic skills are transferable skills across disciplines, essential for lifelong learning and are applicable in multiple settings. Graduates with such skills are perceived as being more employable an...

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Why are you here? Needs analysis of an interprofessional health-education graduate degree program

Christian Cable; Mary Knab; Kum Ying Tham; Deborah D Navedo; Elizabeth Armstrong, TAMHSC College of Medicine; Massachusetts General Hospital; Nanyang Technological University; MGH Institute of Health Professions; Harvard Medical School

Little is known about the nature of faculty development that is needed to meet calls for a focus on quality and safety with particular attention to the power of interprofessional collaborative practic...

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