Exploring the effect of employability and job characteristics on contextual performance: Mediating by organizational commitment

Rita Aryani; Widodo Widodo, Pancasakti College of Teachers Training and Education; Indraprasta University

The objective of this research was to explore the direct effect of employability and job characteristics on contextual performance of vocational high school principals mediating by organi-zational com...

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Aligning Business Engineering Education with Contemporary Industry Requirements

Hazel Gruenewald, Reutlingen University

Business Engineering emerged as an academic discipline almost a century ago in response to economic demand for experts with both business and engineering expertise. The discipline has since evolved to...

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The effect of learning goal orientation on self-perceived employability with career adaptability as a mediator

Faadhilah Arnie Miftah, University of Airlangga

Learning goal orientation is an individual characteristic that relatively stable and characterized by efforts to develop competence and perseverance in the face of obstacles (Dweck, 1986). A study sho...

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Factors affecting the employability skills of vocational students majoring mechanical engineering

Muhammad Noor Fitriyanto; Pardjono Pardjono, Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta

This study aims to find out the significance of the direct effect of industrial work practices on work learning readiness, vocational competency, and employability skills, the direct effect of work le...

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Employability skills of vocational school students in Palu City for entering the work world

Pusriawan Pusriawan; Sunaryo Soenarto, Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta

This study aims to determine how much the level of employability skills of students of State Vocational Schools in Palu City. This type of research is a type of survey that is to describe the attitude...

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Industrial Assessment to Technical and Employability Skills Students based on KKNI (in Jakarta Region)

Rina Febriana; Agung Premono; Tuti Iriani, Universitas Negeri Jakarta

This study aims to determine the industrial assessment of technical and employability skills of students. The research was conducted by using survey method in several industries as the place of the Jo...

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