Complexity in coaching: A self-study of roles and relationships

Marcus Artigliere; Laura Baecher, Columbia University; City University of New York

Teacher development, whether in pre-service teacher education or in in-service coaching, is a complex and context-dependent enterprise. As schools recognise the need to provide embedded and extended p...

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The Strength of Weak Ties in MBA Job Search: A Within–Person Test

Jason Greenberg; Roberto M. Fernandez, New York University; Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Whether and how social ties create value has inspired substantial research in organizational theory, sociology, and economics. Scholars generally believe that social ties impact labor market outcomes....

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International Student Expectations: Career Opportunities and Employability

Per A. Nilsson; Nannette Ripmeester, Umeå University; Expertise in Labour Mobility

Are mobile students expecting an international experience to have an impact on their career? This was one of the questions in a global survey, with over 150,000 respondents. The survey results showed ...

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Globalization and the Quality of Asian and Non-Asian Jobs

Robert J. Flanagan; Niny Khor, Stanford Graduate School of Business

This paper assesses the impact of international trade and investment flows on the evolution of working conditions and labor rights in Asian and non-Asian countries in the late 20th and early 21st cent...

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Development and assessment of key skills in undergraduate students: An action-research experience

Ana Fernández-Santander; María José García-García; Beatriz Sáez-Pizarro; María José Terrón-López, Universidad Europea de Madrid

Employers look for professionals able to work in a team, able to approach problems, with the capacity to analyze and resolve problems, under the constant renewal of knowledge and competencies. In this...

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