Preparing students for the global workforce: Chinese and non-Chinese working professionals on key employability skills

Yi Zhou, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

In this study, 79 Chinese and non-Chinese working professionals responded to an employability-skills survey. They were asked to identify key language and intercultural proficiencies that would allow n...

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Study on the Definition of College Students’ Employability

Li Hongjie; Sun Zhenjia, Beihang University

With the further exploration of high-level talent cultivation in universities and the improvement of the demand for talents by employers, researches on college students’ employability have been valu...

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Enhancing the Employability of Chinese International Students: Identifying Achievements and Gaps in the Research Field

Xuemeng Cao, University of Warwick

This article shows what achievements have been made by existing studies on graduate employability, and what gaps need to be filled in this field. It starts with a retrospective account of the changing...

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An integrative model for measuring graduates’ employability skills—A study in China

Wenping Su; Miao Zhang, Beihang University (BUAA); Kingston University

Employability is a key issue in graduates’ job-hunting, but little research has been done on that of the graduates in Chinese universities. These universities have been experiencing a decline in the...

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