Incorporation of the Intangibles into the Spanish Start-Ups by Activity Sector and Region. Improving Their Economic Sustainability

María Dolores García-Gallo; Félix Jiménez-Naharro; Miguel Torres-García; Susan L. Giesecke; José Guadix-Martín, University of Seville; UC Berkeley

Nowadays, start-ups, assuming increasing importance, have the possibility to include intangible knowledge as another resource on which they can carry out planning exercises, impact studies, evaluation...

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Promoting Employability in Higher Education: A Case Study on Boosting Entrepreneurship Skills

Cristina Pardo-Garcia; Maja Barac, Universitat de València

How can higher education increase the employability of university students? We present a case study on an innovative training itinerary aimed to promote the participation of teaching staff to stimulat...

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Towards Sustainability in University Education. Improving University Graduates Chances of Employability by Participation in a High Achievement Academic Program

Ismael Moya Clemente; Gabriela Ribes Giner; Gisela Sanahuja Vélez, Universitat Politècnica de València

This piece of research focusses on the sustainable development goal (SDG) number four of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: quality education. The main objective of this research was to dete...

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Employability Appraisal Scale (EAS): Development and Validation in a Spanish Sample

Lucía I. Llinares-Insa; Pilar González-Navarro; Juan J. Zacarés-González; Ana I. Córdoba-Iñesta, University of Valencia

Employability is an important issue in the labor context. Currently, the European Union presents employability as the path to full employment and active citizenship, and a strategy to reduce unemploym...

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Opening the Black-Box in Lifelong E-Learning for Employability: A Framework for a Socio-Technical E-Learning Employability System of Measurement (STELEM)

Juan-Francisco Martínez-Cerdá; Joan Torrent-Sellens; Inés González-González; Pilar Ficapal-Cusí, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya; Universidad Internacional de La Rioja

Human beings must develop many skills to cope with the large amount of challenges that currently exist in the world: media empowerment for an active and democratic citizenship, knowledge acquisition a...

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