About GRADE Journal:

GRADE Journal is an international peer-reviewed, open access periodical with contributions from a network of authors, scholars, as well as industry and academic experts, who are invested in creating and disseminating knowledge on the subject of employability, education, and the industry-academia skill gap.

On the digital platform, GRADE Journal is making years of research accessible to readers world-wide, who are interested in learning about the latest advancements and thoughts aimed at improving the human resource development theory and framework, and developing the overall skill capital of the world.

With research spanning close to a decade, the repository currently hosts selectively curated works of over 250 authors, from over 35 countries and 100 premier institutions, and with its open access policy at the vanguard, GRADE Journal is a leading source of literature for academics, policy makers, human resource managers as well as students.


35+ Countries including US, UK, Australia, China, India, Spain, Brazil, Singapore and Indonesia.

100+ Universities including Harvard University, Oxford University, Stanford School of Business.

250+ Scholars and industry experts contributing articles, summaries and reviews.

12000+ Institutional readership across academia and industry around the world.

Largest Cross-sectional Employability Study:

GRADE conducts an annual cross-sectional employability assessment which measures 11 standardised behavioural skills essential for graduate employability.

In 2020, the assessment was administered for close to 20,000 graduates, from 1500 academic institutions and 5000 corporate organisations, from 1100 cities around the world. The study measures employability across 11 factors identified by academicians, recruiters and consultants, as crucial in determining the necessary ability-interest fit for beginner job role across industry sectors.

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