Industrial Assessment to Technical and Employability Skills Students based on KKNI (in Jakarta Region)

Rina Febriana; Agung Premono; Tuti Iriani, Universitas Negeri Jakarta

This study aims to determine the industrial assessment of technical and employability skills of students. The research was conducted by using survey method in several industries as the place of the Jo...

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Enhancing the Employability of Chinese International Students: Identifying Achievements and Gaps in the Research Field

Xuemeng Cao, University of Warwick

This article shows what achievements have been made by existing studies on graduate employability, and what gaps need to be filled in this field. It starts with a retrospective account of the changing...

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The role of Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) in enhancing employability skills: graduate perspectives

Nombeko Felicity Dwesini, Walter Sisulu University

This paper investigated the role of WIL in enhancing students’ employability skills in one comprehensive university in South Africa. It explored which employability skills graduates perceive to be e...

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Perceived Employability of University Students in South Africa. Is It Related to Employability Skills?

H. A. Koloba, University of the Free State

The on-going changes in the workplace demand that the current and future generation of workers should be well trained since their knowledge, skills and positive attitude are essential to cope with the...

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I doubt very seriously whether anyone will hire me; factors predicting employability perceptions in higher education

Alexandra Forsythe, University of Liverpool

Understanding what makes people feel employable is enhanced by studying both the structural and individual dimensions of human behaviour. This paper examines the relative impact of three variables on ...

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How to Align the University Curricula with the Market Demands by Developing Employability Skills in the Civil Engineering Sector

Livia Anastasiu; Alexandra Anastasiu; Mihaela Dumitran; Codruţa Crizboi; Alexandra Holmaghi; Maria Nicoleta Roman, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca Romania; University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca Romania

The purpose of the research is to discover which employability skills may be developed by students from technical universities in order to meet market demands. Since graduates from technical universit...

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Employers’ views on importance of english proficiency and communication skill for employability in Malaysia

Su-Hie Ting; Ernisa Marzuki; Kee-Man Chuah; Jecky Misieng; Collin Jerome, University Malaysia Sarawak

Employability of graduates is a concern in many countries, including Malaysia, and the high unemployment rate among graduates is often attributed to their lack of English proficiency and communication...

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Focusing in on employability: using content analysis to explore the employability discourse in UK and USA universities

Deesha Chadha; James Toner, King’s College London

In this paper, we have taken initial steps towards highlighting the employability discourse in higher education by using content analysis to explore website data at 40 higher education institutions (H...

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Graduate employability capacities, self-esteem and career adaptability among South African young adults

Sadika Ismail, University of South Africa

Orientation: Employers expect young graduates to have a well-rounded sense of self, to display a range of graduate employability capacities and to adapt to constant changes they are faced with in orde...

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Embedding graduate employability attributes in management sciences curricula: A case of two Namibian universities

Romanus Shivoro; Rakel Kavena Shalyefu; Ngepathimo Kadhila, University of Namibia

Recognising implicit employability attributes within discipline-specific program modules is a critical part of the process of developing new employability modules in the management sciences curricula....

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Connecting academic learning with workplace learning

Dilly Fung, London School of Economics

The purpose of the research is to discover which employability skills may be developed by students from technical universities in order to meet market demands. Since graduates from technical universit...

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Embedding employability behaviours

Deryn Graham, University of Greenwich

Purpose - The purpose of this paper is to look at how employability is currently embedded within courses to prepare students for their transition into the world of work, identifying the teaching and l...

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